If you work in Germany, the Netherlands or Belgium and you go to Poland regularly on holidays, you probably encounter some transport difficulties. This problem is quite complex because, although you can see many different offers on the market, after a thorough analysis you find out that most of them do not meet your expectations. Trains are expensive and you have to use different connections. Most of the buses go only to large cities. There are also a lot of carriers who work according to the rule: I am going today but I am not sure about the next month. So we know that demand for this kind of services is huge! There are hundreds of thousands of Polish people working in Germany, the Netherlands and Belgium. Statistical data do not present this issue in full because they do not take seasonal workers into consideration.

Ar-Speed has decided to bridge the gap by offering inexpensive transport to Germany, the Netherlands and Belgium in very comfortable travel conditions!No matter if you travel to work (or from work) or you travel as a tourist, you can always take advantage of our buses which follow a fix schedule, ensure really luxurious journey and always take you safely and on time to your destination place.


High quality, full confidence and professionalism – if such words are used to describe a carrier’s services, they improve the value of the whole company with no doubt. That is why we are really grateful that, in your opinion, Ar-Speed company deserves such feedback. We are proud that our business activity attracts more and more satisfied customers who appreciate our fleet’s reliability.

We go to Germany, the Netherlands and Belgium regularly and according to a fix schedule, and we travel occasionally all over the European Union and other countries of Western Europe. We guarantee the highest standards of travelling! Our buses are adapted to a business class with free Wi-Fi, power plugs and beverage stands.

All you have to do is to contact us and you will have our vehicles at your disposal!


When you want to send a package, you surely wonder: if it is going to be delivered on time and to the right person, if it is going to be delivered with no damages.... The more precious the package is, the greater fears you have – no doubts about it. There are many carriers who provide freight forwarding services on the market. But can they all be equally trusted? Large companies have so many orders that sometimes they lose their packages. Tiny service providers often fail because their business operation is not stable. Fortunately, there is Ar-Speed!

We are exactly somewhere in between: we do not accept any negligence typical for big corporations and we are much more professional than small companies. We guarantee meticulous care for safety of our packages, as well as their timely delivery.

Our buses have regular connections between Belgium, the Netherlands, Germany and Poland. However, if you are interested in shipment to a different part of Europe, we are always open for new connections and new cooperation!



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